• Consultancy services relating to environmental scheduled maintenance plans for plants
  • Bringing up to code of pre-existing plants
  • Emission detection and monitoring systems
  • Spare parts
  • Filter media regeneration
  • Design, production and installation of plants


  • Cartridge filters type UFC (even ATEX equipment)
  • Modular cartridge filters type AFCO-M   (even ATEX equipment)
  • Filtering sleeves type UFM   (even ATEX equipment)
  • Pocket/multistage filters type UFTM   (even ATEX equipment)
  • Environmental and spot suction systems (even ATEX equipment)
  • Pneumatic/mechanical transport and dosing systems
  • Ecological systems
  • Control/monitoring systems and bringing up to code of plants
  • Subcontracted work: drop-down menu opens: products/service
  • Piping and spare parts