The danger of explosion in industrial extraction systems is always around the corner and consequently, also the people’s safety, in the workplace.

Increasingly, due to the lack of outdoor spaces, companies place air purification filters inside the work environment. Consequently, it is necessary to solve the problem caused by a possible explosion in the filter that might cause a devastating and very dangerous circumstances for workers.

These devices can also be used inside the building as, thanks to the FLX mat composed of a thick layer of metal meshes, they cushion the effects of overpressure and suppress the flame front.

The EN16009 standard defines in a very specific way how to solve this problem and to secure the people who operate in an indoor environment in contact with the suction and air purification filters. We started the production of a new series in 2021. A very compact and simple design that passed the ST2 class “burst tests” with high efficiency. FLAMELESS relief devices were created to be used as an ATEX protection system in compliance with the European directive 2014/34 / EU, that governs them, as they are able to protect a containment system (filter or silos) from the effects of an explosion. This series offers the possibility of being installed in various positions in the Filters or Silos, as well as the possibility of installing the normal or Atex inductive sensor for detecting the breakage of the explosion-proof panel.

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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
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  • 9
  • Filter
  • Flameless
  • Anti-exlosion panel
  • Flange for anti-explosion panel
  • Nuts for Flameless
  • Nuts for anti-exlosion panel
  • Screw (welded on the filter)
  • Inductive sensor
  • Screw and nut for external cover

The “FLAMELESS” blocks the flame output and reduces the pressure of the explosion that occurs in the Filter or in the Silos, thus allowing to install the Filter or Silos itself inside an environment, allowing people to be able to circulate or work in the environment itself.

The principle for the extinguishing of the flame is the passage through a thick metal mesh which determines the switch-off and the reduction of the explosion direct pressure as required by the standard EN16009-2011.

Our FLAMELESS are certified according to the international standards dictated by the legislation up to a value 

of KST240 bar m / s, dust class ST2.


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